A Day Without Baking

After having a baking project every weekend for the past two months it was odd to have a weekend without something planned. The house just felt hollow without something rising, resting, baking, or cooling. You know that feeling.

But today I’m back at it. To stretch our thanksgiving leftovers I’m making a turkey pot pie using puff pastry. I’ve never used puff before so I’m starting with store bought.

Adding to the list I’ve got a batch of pizza dough rising that will last us almost a month. I’m thinking of also doing a batch of brownie cookies.

I’ve got a planned surgery on Friday and my dad is coming to help with our kiddos. I’d like to have some yummy stuff floating around, so more baked may be coming this week. I’ll be sure to share recipes and the outcomes as I get each thing done!

What are you baking this week?