Here is just a list of stuff that I have learned to love while baking. If you have something you love to bake with let me know. I will be adding to this as I post more recipes and try more things.

The Kitchen Aide Stand Mixer. Look at it, it’s beautiful. I suggest getting the extra bowl too. I first mention my love for this bad boy during my attempts to make choux.

Pyrex Glass Measuring Set. Seems totally basic, but these are a must. I can mix, measure, and weigh most of my ingredients in these without getting extra bowls dirty. Win. 

Food Scale. I have this bamboo food scale. I’ve used the dickens out this, both in cooking and baking. Having a good food scale is also useful if you’re making recipes that use the metric system, like The Great British Bake Off books.

Disney Parks Exclusive Mickey Mouse Icon Cookie Cutter. We have this exact cookie cutter, which I bought at Disneyland, and we’ve used it on everything from cookies, to pancakes, to now a cake. It is bigger than you expect so be prepared for large delicious cookies.