A Day Without Baking

After having a baking project every weekend for the past two months it was odd to have a weekend without something planned. The house just felt hollow without something rising, resting, baking, or cooling. You know that feeling.

But today I’m back at it. To stretch our thanksgiving leftovers I’m making a turkey pot pie using puff pastry. I’ve never used puff before so I’m starting with store bought.

Adding to the list I’ve got a batch of pizza dough rising that will last us almost a month. I’m thinking of also doing a batch of brownie cookies.

I’ve got a planned surgery on Friday and my dad is coming to help with our kiddos. I’d like to have some yummy stuff floating around, so more baked may be coming this week. I’ll be sure to share recipes and the outcomes as I get each thing done!

What are you baking this week?


Nine Black Friday Baking Ideas

Have a long gift list this year, or maybe you need some new equipment for your kitchen? I’ve trolled Amazon’s Black Friday kitchen sales and picked out a few perks worth considering. The prices are great for gifting a lot of people, adding to your kitchen supplies, or upgrading your older items. If you’re in need of something I haven’t listed just head over to Amazon’s Black Friday kitchen page and do some digging.

Cuisinart WAF-200 4-Slice Belgian Waffle Maker

Who doesn’t need a waffle maker? And at 59% off. Yes please.

Zester Grater

This seems silly but it is surprising how many times I’ve read a recipe and wished I had a zester. Of course I forget the minute I stop cooking, only to kick myself the next time I try to make a lemon curd. This one is 67% off.

USA Pan Bakeware Aluminized Steel Donut Pan, 6-Well

Donuts are delicious and now you can eat them without putting on clothes and leaving the house.  Buy it at 20% off and then send me pictures of your donuts.

BakerStone Original Pizza Oven Box Kit

Really want to splurge? Grab this pizza oven that Oprah says is a must. Oprah can’t be wrong, can she?

NY Cake 18″ Disposable Pastry Bag, Piping Bag-100 pack

While making a hot mess of my coffee chocolate mousse last week I wished I had disposable bags. Now these are on sale. Coincidence?

USA Pan Bakeware Aluminized Steel 6 Piece Set

If you’re just starting out, or know someone who is, this set is perfect. You could also order now, since the price is awesome, and save them for that next upcoming wedding or birthday you have to go to. At 39% off you win.

Estilo Multifunctional Cake and Serving Stand, Clear

I have a cake stand that is identical to this and it is awesome. Turn the base one way and it is a cake stand, flip that bad boy over and you’ve got a nifty serving tray. For real I use this at least once a month to store a cake or keep some snacks fresh. The $14 price tag is quite a bit less than what I paid, so buy this one for yourself and a friend.

Messermeister Cheflamme Culinary Torch

I probably shouldn’t be trusted with a torch yet, but man I can’t wait to toast some stuff and brown some meringues .

Flexible Cake Pan, Magic Bake Snake DIY Baking Mold Tools

Interested in making cool shaped cakes without buying a thousand different pans? I haven’t tried these yet, but I love the idea of having total control of your cake shape. The set is only $8.79, instead of the retail $39.99. For less than nine bucks this set is probably worth experimenting with.

If you really want to pick up a lot of things at a dirt cheap price for yourself a a frugal appreciating friend check out their open box and used kitchen items.


Happy Baking and Shopping!


Roasted Tomatoes and Prosciutto: A Savory Pie

This week I’m trying to keep my non holiday related cooking and budget to a minimum. What with the turkey to smoke and the sweet potatoes to bake and green beans to… casserole (?) there is plenty of cooking to be had. My daughter and I are also making cookies as thank you gifts for her teachers and our doctors. To ease the load I spent Sunday making the crust for my pecan pie. Thankfully my favorite crust recipe produces enough dough for two crusts.

Dinner and dessert. Score.

I haven’t done much savory baking, aside from an attempt at some disastrous breadsticks that tasted like 100% baking soda. So so so nasty. If I want to consider myself a reasonably accomplished home baker I need to up my comfort with savory bakes however, so here is my attempt at a Roasted Tomato Pie.

The recipe comes from my much beloved Great British Bake Off: Everyday book. They call for a short crust tart base, but seeing as I already had a pie crust ready to go I made the call and went for the swap. To make the pie a more substantial dinner I also added the prosciutto, as it suggested in the recipe.

My husband and I devoured 3/4 of the pie, and I polished off the last bit for lunch while breastfeeding my son this afternoon. For me the flavors were spot on, and I am sure proud of that pastry case-I’ll write more about my adventures in pie crust later this week.

If I could go back and change anything in the recipe it would be to cut the prosciutto up instead of just placing the slices down. Yes, the layer of meat was a nice barrier between the base layer of cheese and the top layer of tomatoes, but it was hard to get nice sized bites of prosciutto. Unless you really cut each piece up thoroughly, the meat seemed to come out in whole chunks. Still tasty but it caused each bite to lose its integrity.

Anyway, if you’ve got some unsweetened pie crust just clogging up your freeze this is a quick and easy way to get dinner on the table with minimal clean up.

Have any decent dinner recipes that use pie crusts?

Happy Baking!

Choux Part Deux

Last week I made my first attempt at choux buns. Things went well for a first try, but I didn’t have the ingredients to make a filling for them. Today I’m going to attempt some filled pastry, since I was organized enough to remember to buy heavy whipping cream.

The chocolate pastry was light and not too sweet, which went well with the chocolate sauce I made. I was shocked to see the Center was hallow-just like it supposed to be-on my very first try.

This afternoon I’ll post and update and a recipe for my second attempt. My OBGYNs office will be getting the bulk of them during my surgical consult today. Wish me luck on both fronts.

Happy baking!

Baking from Scratch

Like a lot of other kids who grew up in the 90s my family didn’t make many things from scratch. This isn’t a knock on anyone, but the truth. We grew up in that amazing time of pop tarts, every kind of snack in a disposable package, and ready made mixes. I remember the first time we bought cookie dough in the giant tub in the freezer section at Costco. And then of course I would sneak into the kitchen and eat some raw because YOLO.

Things a bit different. One, in older and words like cholesterol and diet have entered my lexicon. I also struggle with anxiety disorder. Magically, baking seems to have found its way into my life. I love to snack-my arteries don’t love it. But the process of making something from nothing, with my hands, soothes my nerves. Plus, I can better control what goes into the food, taking better control of my health. Snacks. Calmness. Happy Heart. Triple win.

So here I am. Learning to bake, eating some good, and some awful, stuff, and sharing what I learn as I go along. Be prepared for poor quality kitchen photos, details on my almost 4 year old daughter eating all my raw ingredients, a list of foods I drop on my infant sons’ head while he’s in the Ergo, and my constant struggles with a smoky oven that never makes it to the right temperature.


Along with recipes and books I like, I will make sure to share decent gadgets I find and places we eat. Also, failure. More than a blog about baking and eating, here is my blog and trying and sometimes failing.

Happy Baking!