Happy Anniversary

I’m basically a liar, let’s get that out of the way. I said in my last post that I was going to try and limit my baking leading up to Thanksgiving, but then I made a cake.

This week my husband and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary and I found myself looking through photos of our wedding day. Our wedding cake was gorgeous and funky and tasty and now I really wanted to eat cake.

I don’t hide my lack of decorating skill. Maybe I’m not patient enough, or I lack proper equipment, or my small motor skills stink but I am not a naturally talented decorator. I do love trying to make things taste good.

Today I pulled out a recipe for Genoese sponge and buttercream frosting, with the chocolate mousse from my chuox adventure. I’ve never made Genoese and it has been a long time (like two years or something) since I tried to make frosting. When we lived in California I used to made boxed cupcakes and tried to make my own frosting with soy milk and no real fat to speak of. This was before I started to understand the fundamental science around baking. Clearly these frostings failed horribly.

The basic Genoese recipe I followed was:

40g butter

3 larger eggs

75g Sugar

70g self rising flour*

*I added a half a teaspoon baking soda, as I only have all purpose flour, not self rising flour. In addition to that I omitted the cornflour that the original recipe called for. I also added mini chocolate chips, not even thinking they might sink. Of course they did sink. The basic recipe was easy to follow and can be found in Mary Berry’s Baking Bible.

After reading the recipe I toyed with also adding a bit of vanilla, but then I went with vanilla buttercream. Simple enough. There are several buttercream recipes in the same Mary Berry book, including a chocolate and a coffee that I need to find a use for.

Then I got the wild idea to make a Disney cake in honor of us having been married at the Grand California Resort at Disneyland. I have a Mickey Mouse cookie cutter, how hard could it be?

After the cake cooled I cut out one Mickey head and three smaller circles. The circles would be layer with my mousse and covered in blue buttercream. The Mickey would wear red marshmallow fondant pants. Great idea, right?

Yup. That’s the hot mess my kitchen devolved into.

The final product was no where near as pretty as in my head. Let’s be real, the prettiest part is the yellow crown sprinkles my daughter added.

But after we cut it there were some nice layers and it tasted yummy. I probably could have baked the sponge a minute or two less, and I probably should have put the mousse in the freezer while the cake baked to get a more firm set.

All things considered I am pretty happy with how my spur of the moment cake turned out. I could have bought a nicer looking cake. I could have made something more simple that didn’t highlight my lack of skills. Ultimately though baking is an act of love. You bake for who you love, because you love them, and because you love to bake. That’s all the matters in the end.

And that it tastes good.

Happy baking everyone.


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