Much Ado About Choux

Today was my second go at choux pastry. The first time around I made some decent buns, but I didn’t have the ingredients to make a filling. I had also spooned out those first buns instead of piping them out into nice looking shapes. Today I tackled the same basic recipe with a piping bag and multiple tips at the ready.

That is where the organization ended. This is also a time when I realized that pretty pictures of food just isn’t my thing. You’ll be getting the unvarnished, and often times poorly lit, photos of my bakes in progress. Learning to bake is messy. Having kids in the kitchen is messy. I am generally messy.

So I went for a cinnamon sugar variation on this basic recipe in The Great British Bake Off Everyday cookbook (it is on page 200).

So far so good. It’s shiny and smooth!

Instead of the white chocolate coffee mousse they suggested I made a chocolate coffee mousse. I’m just not a huge fan of white chocolate. That recipe is on page 198, if you’re  up for looking.

I should have known I did it wrong when I had more than the recipe said.

Right out of the oven I could tell I piped them too small. They were dried out and tasty, but filling was going to be a problem. A big problem. Also, my daughter decided that this moment was a great time to wash all of her tea set dishes-she ruined her singing tea pot but I’m not sad about that.

This is what baking with a 3 year old is like.

The mousse, like the buns, tasted great, but I failed horribly at the execution. It was all the fail. The buns were too small to get the mousse in. The tip on my piping bag was too big. And I suck at piping. I just do. I got more mousse on my hands, my stove top, and a little on my floor. After trying to fill each bun I had more left in the bag than made it into any of the pastry. The flavors were on point, but I won’t be winning any contests with the look of those beasts.

This took a lot of clorox wipes to clean up

Yummy, but not sturdy. Or well filled. Or pretty.


Cinnamon Sugar Choux Buns with Chocolate Coffee Mousse

I’ve included my variations which I applied to the GBBO recipe. You can’t go wrong with their awesome recipe, but if you want to be brave and experiment with me give my version a try. Let me know how it turns out; maybe someone can help me not suck at filling pastry. Which ever way you go, pipe the buns larger than you think you need, especially if it is your first time filling something.


Here is the place where I laud or lament my equipment. The Kitchen Aide stand mixer is must. I never used one growing up, so I thought it was superfluous. Damn it I was wrong. This mixer is my kitchen work horse and I want to hug it every day. I only wish I had one more bowl. I’ve got one bowl for the mixer and often times I have to wash it between steps. Go big, buy the second bowl.

Things I hate. My piping bag. I shouldn’t whine, I got it for free from my mom after she realized she hated making macarons. It is silicon and has all these tip attachments, and it should be awesome. It is not. It is always a mess and it is a pain to clean. Or maybe I’m just bad at using it. Who knows. Next time I try to pipe I’m just going to buy a whole bunch of those disposable ones and call it a day.

Happy Baking


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