Baking from Scratch

Like a lot of other kids who grew up in the 90s my family didn’t make many things from scratch. This isn’t a knock on anyone, but the truth. We grew up in that amazing time of pop tarts, every kind of snack in a disposable package, and ready made mixes. I remember the first time we bought cookie dough in the giant tub in the freezer section at Costco. And then of course I would sneak into the kitchen and eat some raw because YOLO.

Things a bit different. One, in older and words like cholesterol and diet have entered my lexicon. I also struggle with anxiety disorder. Magically, baking seems to have found its way into my life. I love to snack-my arteries don’t love it. But the process of making something from nothing, with my hands, soothes my nerves. Plus, I can better control what goes into the food, taking better control of my health. Snacks. Calmness. Happy Heart. Triple win.

So here I am. Learning to bake, eating some good, and some awful, stuff, and sharing what I learn as I go along. Be prepared for poor quality kitchen photos, details on my almost 4 year old daughter eating all my raw ingredients, a list of foods I drop on my infant sons’ head while he’s in the Ergo, and my constant struggles with a smoky oven that never makes it to the right temperature.


Along with recipes and books I like, I will make sure to share decent gadgets I find and places we eat. Also, failure. More than a blog about baking and eating, here is my blog and trying and sometimes failing.

Happy Baking!


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